Monday, July 6, 2009

This week's Progress: HOT!!

This week's progress was one word………HOT! The temps were up and the humidity was high. It was a scorcher.
We made progress with the landscape by the use of a small backhoe. Tom and his father came out and made short work of the electrical trench that needed to be dug from the house to the container. Then, with Greg pointing out the locations, boulders were placed on the site and arranged per the landscape design. There will be a nice gathering area where people can come together around a backyard fire pit and sit on the large boulders acting as seating. Tree holes were dug as well.

We framed out and hung the bike storage window. A little window cleaner and it will be pretty sharp.
We added some sheathing to the interior wall to separate the bike storage room from the studio. The finish in the bike room will be the exposed OSB. Tom got in on the action with the nail gun.

One last note this week, Greg and his wife welcomed a new addition to their family. A new baby boy. Congratulations to you both.

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