Sunday, May 31, 2009

New end panel with windows framed

This week Jason built the end panel and all the window frames for the container. We installed the panel with a little help from Jbut's red truck to coax the container back to square. The three windows on the west side will add some natural light in and some visual intrest to the exterior. We are very excited on how this is shaping up and are ready for windows and door installation this comming week.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cutting Day.

Friday was cutting day. We met Jason Butler out at the project and began cutting the panels out of the patio section and the doors and windows. Using the plasma cutter, it went pretty quick, and the precision was spot on.
The project is really starting to take shape. Along with our windows we bought at the used building materials yard, we found a french door with full glass panels at Lowe's for a a great price. It was a returned door and if not sold would have been disgarded, so we are re-using.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Windows and Panels

Today we were like kids in a candy store walking around a used building materials yard here in Tucson. Again, using the recycling and re-use aspect of the this project it was great to let our imaginations run as we walk through everything from windows to doors to steel panels. These are great areas to look first when building any project. Look for things you need that may be re-used and are in great shape before you go buy new. This way, the landfills aren't filling up with perfectly good materials. It cost a lot less too, if you are willing to look.

If only we could do something with that side panel off an airplane fuselage.....humm, maybe next project.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Delivery Day

Friday, we had the container delivered to the site. It was an exciting couple hours seeing the container come and be carefully positioned into place. The over 100 degree heat added to the tension as the truck operator inched the two pieces into place. The 40' container was cut in two pieces at the container yard and delivered. the smaller 12' section will serve as the patio/porch to the studio and be connected to the larger 28' main section.
Now, time for doors and windows to be cut and placed.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Permits and Container!!

We have permits and the container has been ordered.
The project is moving forward and is starting to get exciting. The planning stage has gotten through and now it looks like we are starting to build. Greg had some large boulders delivered to the site last week and now the container is coming. Tom and I met at the container yard and picked out a very nice decommissioned 40 foot "high cube" sea container. (a "Wan Hi" I believe)
Now, we are faced with the task of cutting 12 feet off one end to fit our design. We have Jason Butler lined up for that and will document the delivery and cut. Stay tuned for some exciting stuff.