Monday, May 11, 2009

Delivery Day

Friday, we had the container delivered to the site. It was an exciting couple hours seeing the container come and be carefully positioned into place. The over 100 degree heat added to the tension as the truck operator inched the two pieces into place. The 40' container was cut in two pieces at the container yard and delivered. the smaller 12' section will serve as the patio/porch to the studio and be connected to the larger 28' main section.
Now, time for doors and windows to be cut and placed.


  1. Fun to see the progress. Are you doing anything to insulate the space?

  2. yes, we are using a Spray Foam Insulation on the inside furred walls. We will get a higher R-value in a smaller cavity space by using the foam. We are also going to use a ceramic additive to the exterior paint to cut on the thermal gain.