Wednesday, August 26, 2009


So if we were to make a list of our favorite things to do on a project such as this, painting wouldn't likely make the top 10. The paint looks great when it is done, but the process getting to that point is a bit taxing. Anyone who has done a fair amount of painting knows exactly what I mean. Anyway, the colors are looking pretty swanky and the feel of the space is changing dramatically. We also connected the puck lights for the niche shelves and need only to mount them. We've placed them on a dimmer switch to enable some flexibility for lighting the studio. They are a nice compliment to the custom fluorescent fixtures in the ceiling. Another coat of paint and some trim work, and then we are ready to install the flooring.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Keep it Rollin'

A couple of posts ago we spoke about the rolling door and what a cool feature it is. Here are some shots of the door in action and some detail shots as well. We finished sealing the plywood sheathing on the walls and ceiling and also sanded and primed the drywall. The custom lights are also finished and look pretty sweet. The finished interior is nearing rapidly. Many thanks again to JBut for spending some "free" time at the container and for the use of his equipment...He is a good guy to know and he is a master caulker to boot. Anyone who has ever caulked can appreciate this.

Cool Shadow Patterns

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cargo with Color

This week we spent some time working on our color scheme for the interior and exterior of the container. Below are the final colors for the project, which are pretty high on the scale of awesomeness. We will be sealing the plywood this weekend and working on finalizing the interior details. We will be using a no VOC paint on the interior to minimize the potentially harmful fumes resulting from off-gassing. We are also planning on using a ceramic additive manufactured by Insuladd on the exterior. This will reduce the heat gain on the steel exterior by as much as 40% and in turn lower the energy costs for cooling and heating the unit. These small decisions add up and help to make our project more sustainable. The finished product is around the corner...

A new rendering with the proposed color scheme. Just
threw this together a short while ago.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Plywood Anyone?

Another late night at the container produced 3/4 of our wooden box. The drywall is in, the wood sheathing is in, now we just need to do some caulking, priming, painting, sealing, and numerous other items and we are...OK, so there is still a bit to accomplish, but we'll get there. The plywood is a nice touch and should help to soften the space. Once we get a color palette picked out we are in good shape. The next post will include some shots of our sliding perforated door.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Sheetrock Rocks!

Last week was a rewarding yet taxing week on the container project. We finally started some of the interior sheathing, namely drywall and finished up our last electrical inspection. We spent many a late night at the container but the results are great. The project is moving at light speed these days. We have many other great pictures and further progress to post, so check back soon.

Wes, beat down after a night of sheetrock-ing out.
Greg fastening the drywall at approx.
1:30 am. The neighbors love us!

The container at night can be a bit sketchy. The other night at 1 am a woman came by and startled us. Wes thought she was a witch, but it turns out she just wanted a jump for her car.