Monday, June 8, 2009

Steel Work Complete.

Just wanted to add a couple photos of the metal grate at the entry of the container. We used a fine perforated steel in the section of the patio by the door. this way, any water that may be on the patio floor will drain before it comes to the door. It may also help with the dirt and sand coming into the finished studio as it will fall down through the holes.

This week we finished up the steel work on the container.

The frames are all set and welded into place. The patio section is cut, ground, and the brackets have been installed to be connected to the main container. We wanted the patio section to be bolted to the main section rather than welded to enforce the portability of the project. Having a bolted connection will make it easy to disconnect the two and transport them to a new site if needed.

We moved the patio section into place with pry bars and muscle, haha.

The great thing about the progress this week is that the project is turning out thus far, as we imagined it in the design phase. The vision we had of the design is what you see. We hope this continues as we begin framing and the finish work.

Props to our steel fabricator, Jason Butler, (His website and art) for the quality work he has done. Great job!!

Next, we will be starting the framing on the inside. We will also be wiring it for the rough electrical in preparation for the inspector.

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