Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Design Idea

Here are some images of a new design idea for our current client. We are looking at designing and building a backyard Yoga studio with a portion of it used for a bicycle storage and repair area. Duel uses and duel users in the same building. A 20 foot container will be the framework for this project.

We will place one dividing wall between the two spaces and will provide windows in different locations to bring in natural sunlight. A 6 foot double door will be placed to enter into the Yoga studio. This will be a French style door. Using the steel side panel we cut out of the container for the door, we will place a frame around it and hang this panel on some barn door style hardware so the owners can close the doors off when not occupied for security. The Roof may or may not be modified in the final resolution of the project. A deck will be placed outside the door to the studio. The deck will be proposed as using the Trex decking material. This system is made from recycled material and environmentally friendly. Not to mention it will be splinter free and last longer in the Tucson sun. The doors to the Bike component will be the original cargo doors. The container will be sanded down and painted for a complete product.

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  1. This looks awesome and very timely. These things are sitting all over ready to be used all over the world! I like the barn door option, and the fact that it's dual-usage. The big french doors will let in a lot of light. Can't wait to see the finished product.